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Francisco Javier Calvo Guirao known professionally as Javier Calvo is a Spanish actor, stage, film, and television director and writer. He is best known for his role of Fernando "Fer" Redondo in the Antena 3 series Física o Química (2008-2011). Calvo created and directed the musical La llamada together with Javier Ambrossi, with its success leading to a film adaptation (2017). Continuing their work together, Calvo and Ambrossi would develop the television series Paquita Salas (2016–present), Veneno (2020-2023) and its upcoming sequel Vestidas de Azul (2023-2024), and La Mesías (2023). The director pair are also romantic partners commonly referred to as 'Los Javis'. He has received several awards including a pair of wins in both the Feroz Awards and Fotogramas de Plata, and has received nominations for two Goya Awards.

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