Have you ever headed to your Spotify Discover page and found that all it's recommendations are albums that you've already heard or ones that you aren't interested in? Are you just so tired of hunting for new music that you fallback on a reliable favorite? Wouldn't it be nice if you were presented a single album and just listened to it, just like back in the days of record stores?

This has been my reality for the past few years. I listen to too much music that I've burned through anything good that Spotify could recommend to me. Spotify thinks I want more of what I listen to, but, in reality, I want music recommendations that I don't know that I'd want or even like.

This is why I built album-mode.party. It allows me to get a random album based upon a search query (like genre or artist) or a random highly rated album from a variety of publications. Since I've started using it, the amount of new music I have discovered has shot through the roof.

Please enjoy and let me know if there is anything you would like added!


I take your privacy extremely seriously. I use Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager only to collect metrics on if you like my recommendations or not. If you login with Spotify, I save your access token to your cookies locally and will sync the albums that you like to the Cloud™️. I do this so that you can sync saved albums across devices and doing this peer to peer is way harder than it should be.

You are not, nor will you ever be, my funding source for this application.

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